Chola Gas Shipping

Imparting on-job skills in a systematic manner using Simulation games, Pictorial modules, and Virtual tours to turn you into a valuable member of the ship’s team.

This is your guide to excellence!

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Digital Tools

Help You Develop
the "Eye of an Inspector"

Your job on board requires an essential skillset. Stay relevant through our focused professional training that helps you develop that skill.

Play Video
Play Video

Grow your skills as a seafarer. Not just in theory but in practice.

Bring about maximum efficiency, in minimum time!

Rank-based approach helps in targeting specific skill sets.

Know all the zones of the vessel through our Virtual tours.


  1. Register yourself.
  2. We will enrol you on our system and assign courses according to your rank.
  3. Log in to access the assigned courses.
  4. Complete individual courses by submitting the final assignments and that’s it, you are done!
  5. Feel free to refer back to any of the guidance videos or modules later as needed.